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A little bit about us...

Staying on top of your Health and Wellbeing is important.  In truth - nobody enjoys being sick or sub-optimal.  We’re no different at UK Manuka Honey, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve, through the things we put in our bodies.  Manuka Honey is a magnificent product that, for generations, has been used to treat a variety of symptoms & complaints, as well as maintain a healthy microbiome.  Some call it a “Superfood” - we just call it a super food.


In the UK, there is mass confusion about the unique Manuka labelling system, with numerous abbreviations, stats and figures, which we’ve never really understood.  That's probably why we’ve never stuck to one brand in particular.  We’ve paid fortunes for premium brands and also bought plenty of the cheaper stuff too!  We’ve learned a lot along the way.


UK Manuka Honey Ltd was established in 2019 with a simple set of core business principles: We will provide a great product, at a great price, with transparent labelling, at the highest level of customer-service.  With that in mind, we offer same-day despatch and free shipping, all while ensuring our Manuka Honey is the highest possible quality available.  All of our honey is traceable, with batch codes laser-etched onto every bottle.  We will gladly share the certificates with you, which prove when the Manuka was independently tested, bottled and sealed in New Zealand.  This guarantees that the bottle you order from us contains genuine Manuka Honey.  Nothing added, nothing removed.




And now for some context:


Hi.  I’m Alex - the founder of UK Manuka Honey.  Whilst travelling in the Far East in 2014, I contracted Helicobacter Pylori; a bacterial infection that can cause peptic ulcers, inflammation and some stomach cancers.  GPs prescribe a triple-dose of high-strength antibiotics for 2 weeks, to kill all the stomach bacteria - good and bad.  It’s the only way the NHS can confidently say they’ve ‘treated’ you.


With a reluctance to essentially napalm my gut microbiome, after googling other potential remedies, I came across a study conducted in New Zealand in 1994, which showed a prevention of growth of the H. Pylori bacteria after just 72 hours, with a reasonable oral dose of Manuka Honey.  I asked a friend from New Zealand for some advice on selecting a supplier and had my first box delivered.  After 3 days, most of the symptoms were gone and 7 days later, I showed no trace of the H Pylori bacteria at all.  My relationship with the team at 309 Honey in New Zealand began.


309 Honey is a perfect fit for us, as we share similar values and their products are fantastic.  We'd love to welcome you to a new way of ordering Manuka Honey, imported directly from the apiary, under strict guidelines in New Zealand, delivered to your door within 24 hours.  We hope you love our Manuka as much as we do.




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